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Josh Pigford is the founder of Baremetrics, an analytic platform for Stripe less than 2-years ago. He needed analysis software for his own businesses and when he couldn’t find anything which wasn’t extremely complex he decided to build his own. With a bit of help from Twitter, he got his first customer on the first day, and has since bootstrapped to see almost instant success.







Why he stopped previous 2

$0 to $22k a month in 13 months

How to know when to quit a project or business?


Why Josh prefers selling software to B to-B versus B-to-C market? 

How you can look at all his numbers and see how you're doing.

Why he doesn't believe in offering free trials

Why he is fully transparent about ALL his numbers and how it helps grow his business?

The downside of being fully transparent and how it hurts his business.

"Money is the only indicator of money"

Magic numbers

- < 1-3% monthly customer churn


Josh Pigford, the founder of Baremetrics, a Stripe analytic platform has seen his business success explode. When he couldn’t find a simple Stripe analysis software, Josh decided to build his own, and one tweet later, he already had his first customer.

In This Interview You’ll Learn:

  • 01.48 – Josh’s background in business and software
  • 06.04 – How Josh had the idea for Baremetrics and how he grew it
  • 11.10 – How Josh decided on his pricing
  • 19.17 – Why Josh went public with his numbers and the effect that this had
  • 22.22 – The biggest obstacles that entrepreneurs have
  • 25.00 – Josh’s advice for people at or near the beginning of the business career


Show Notes


  • Book – The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles – Steve Pressfield
  • Twitter – @shpigford



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Buying a mattress can be a pain in the butt? Casper's big idea is to invent "one maticulously design mattress for the masses and sell it direct to consumers in a box that can fit in the trunk of a car. And they are causing a lot of sleepless nights for the old, established mattress industry.

And they even ship to Canada!

Use coupon code "bax" tog $50 dollars off your purchase

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If you like cars and you like business ideas you'll love Wrench Patrol. How two MBA students turned their thesis project into an entrepreneurial reality and a thriving business.

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Air Umbrella - $100K in 30-Days. Crowdfunding inventor & entrepreneur

The creators of a new Kickstarter campaign claim to have developed an umbrella that pushes air against the rain to protect its owner from getting wet, and they've blown way past their $10,000 funding goal. They call it the Air umbrella

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Licensing Ideas For Passive Income - Stephen Key, Entrepreneur & Inventor

Stephen Key shares his strategy for turning your ideas into a passive income goldmine. Tim Ferris calls Stephen Key "Yoda of renting business ideas for passive income". For the last 30 years, Stephen has designed his lifestyle by "renting" his product ideas to companies and leveraging their existing sales.   He has successfully licensed more than 30 simple ideas that have generated billions of dollars of revenue. 

He's a contributor to Entrepreneur and Inc magazines and the author of "One Simple Idea: Turn Your Dreams Into a Licensing Goldmine While Letting Others Do The Work"
He's the author of...
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Jun Loayza shares how he lowers startup risk by pre-selling business ideas and grow a customer list before he launches. He also discusses failure and how to use it to your advantage.

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$1k for $5-Million FREE Marketing? Tour of Duty Australian Adventure Tourism Start-up Entrepreneur

Australian Entrepreneur, Allan Sharpe, offers the bumbiest tour in Australia when he converted a Army Land Rover 6x6 into a bad ass tour bus that gets a lot of attention and business.

I really enjoyed the unique advice and Aussie slang in this interview.

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Broke To Fully Booked in 2-Weeks with Grumo.TV with Miguel Hernandez - Online Marketing - Online Business Idea

Learn how Miguel Hernandez went from a business failure to starting Grumo Media and attracting 40 high-profile clients (including Actor Ashton Kutcher) begging for him to produce their product demo videos in 2-weeks…with zero marketing budget.


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How Jun Loayza, raised $75,000 seed capital for his start-up from investors he attracted on his blog.


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150 Crossfit Clients In 6-Months - Kyle Oberndorf, Business Coach Turned Fitness Entrepreneur

Kyle Oberndorf says crossfit entrepreneurs didn't believe he could help them build their he started his own and blew them away when he more than broke even on month one and grew to 150 members in 6 months.

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DoorBot $1M With No Product, Just Business Idea - Jamie Siminoff, Startup Entrepreneur Inventor, Funding

Find out why DoorBot was an accidental success, why inventor and entrepreneur, Jamie Siminoff, turned down Shark Tank for a $700,000 investment, how he pre-sold $1 Million worth of DoorBot's without manufacturing a single one or having a working prototype, and now sells over $5 Million.

He also discusses:

- How to know when to kill your business idea

- Advice for entreprepreneus who want to raise money for their business ideas through crowdfunding

- How Doorbot appearred on Jay Leno's last episode of the Tonight Show, and what happened to sales.

- What a good business investment should look like.



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NiteHood: Dragon's Den Backstage Sales Stampede with Chris Parsons

The Dragon's mocked graphic designer's business idea, an unusual looking sleep aid,  but something crazy happened backstage - He sold out his Nite Hood to CBC staff and Kevin O'Leary's assisant.

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BeardBrand: 0 to $100K /mth in 1-Year Online Business with Eric Bandholz : Blog to Ecommerce store, Shark Tank

Learn how former financial advisor Eric Bandholz started a blog about his epic beard and how his startup went from a zero revenue blog to over $100,000 in sales of an unusual product line, in less than 12-months.

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Entrepreneurs Turned Ideas Into Dollars : Startups that make money, passive income & build online business with online marketing, social media, podcasting, ecommerce

Ever thought, "Why didn't I think of that?") Actor turned entrepreneur Jason Bax uncovers surprising business ideas that make (big) money and interviews the startup entrepreneurs about the successes and failures of turning their ideas into dollars, how they found the idea, got the courage to make the jump to entrepreneurship, beat the odds and turn their dreams into dollars. 

Listen during your daily commute, workday or workout. 

And let their success inspire your next big business idea.

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