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Business ideas that make money and the entrepreneurs who turned their ideas into dollars. is disrupting the traditional consulting industry with it's unique marketplace.

Patrick Petitti, former consultant and business school student turned his disruptive idea for a marketplace for high-end consultants into over $5M in online sales in 1-year and attracting Mark Cuban from Shark Tank as an investor.

- How he and his co-founder came up with the business idea

- How he tested the validity of the idea and got his first customers.

- Why he turned down an offer to appear on Shark Tank

- His most effective marketing tactic

- How he attracted Mark Cuban as an investor

- The first 3 questions Cuban asked before investing

- Why boutique consulting firms are

- Unique advice for consultants who want to increase their clientelle


TOOLS: - because he'd rather work on emails in confort than drive himself to work - He has a story of it saving his butt for $50

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