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Charlotte Clary & Bevery Vienes-Haines are the founders of Ice Chips Candy started as a sugarlaess, non-gmo healthy candy, Who accepted a deal for $250,000 for 40% of their company on ABC's Shark Tank. They're glad the deal fell through, considering they made over $400,000 in sales after the original Shark Tank airing.

Their business book "2 Grannies in a Garage"

Where did the business idea come from?

Wanted to make healthy candy treats for their grandchildren.

Where did your first customers come from?

Friends and family asked if they could get more after getting it as a gift.

What has turned out to be the most effective marketing tactic to attract new customers?

Being on Shark Tank. But before that calling health focused stores on the telephone and asking if they could send them samples.

Advice for Entrepreneurs?

Stop standing on the sidelines - just start something. It may not look the same at the end, but you just have to get starte.d


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