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The PowerPot gadget is something out of Star Trek.

Caleb Light and his co-founders turned their idea for a camping pot that charges your mobile devices into $125,000 crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and a $250,000 investment from Shark Tank's Mark Cuban.

What's Your Big Idea?

A camping pot that charges mobile devices when you boil water.

How did you find your first customers?

Kickstarter campaign in 2012 raised $126,000 in 30 days by pre-selling the PowerPot. Today, selling 10's of thousands with sales in the millions of dollars.

Why have several of their crowdfunding campaigns been successful when when so many campaigns fail?

- Success of Powerpot gave them a user base
- "It's really about products"
- Learn how Caleb builds and fosters their Kickstarter community to increase traffic and pre-sales
- The importance of building an email list?
- Why it's critical to get media and press lined up before launch day?

Shark Tank

 $250,000 for 12% and  3% options for Mark Cuban

What's it really like to work with Mark Cuban?

18:27 What's the question entrepreneurs most frequently fumbled on Shark Tank?

23:16 Most people think being and entrepreneur is about _____ but the truth is it's really about _____ (what) ?

29:00 How do you think about business and marketing differently that has given you your results?

31:33 Action or challenge for entrepreneurs who want to be successful?


Nail and scale it
Good to Great


"Startups have to have the ability to sell. If you don't, you won't succeed." - Caleb Light

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