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Phil Dumas, raised $40k for a prototype for his business idea for to replace your keychain with your mobile phone and parlayed it into a $500,000 investment offer on entrepreneur reality TV show Shark Tank, before he had any revenue. Find out why he turned down the offer, plus...

- How Unikey sold 100,000 sold in 3 months and now owns 90% of smartlock space.

12:25 An important strategic lesson for beginning entrepreneurs

Quote: "Entrepreneurship is just about solving problems. Embrace mistakes as fast as you can. If you've had problems, you haven't done anything.""In every crisis there are dangers and opporuntity." 

16:00 Why every entrepreneur needs to be in constant sell mode.

18:00 The truth about what angel investors and venture capitalists really invest in...

23: why stealth mode is a bad idea

Plus more....

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