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Tom Menditto went from broke, living in his car with only $300 in his bank account to earning 6-figures in 2-years blogging and coaching people with ADHD...without a single, fancy, shiny, advanced marketing tactic taught by marketing "gurus." What strategy did he use to grow his online business and achieve financial success? He worked on building himself first...then money PLUS you'll also learn...

In this interview you're also going to learn:

16:00 What he did differently than other coaches to build his high-priced coaching business

19:00 Why business cards leads to negative psychology and poor sales.

22: His LOWEST point - How he went from losing all his clients, crying in his bathtub, too broke to attend his step-mother's funeral to turning it all around.

36:00 What's helped his success more than any marketing tactics.

"You have to build you up. The tactics come and go." When build yourself and then you build your business.  

37:00 His most powerful, one word tactic that he used to turn his life and business around.

 38:42 The (surprising) lesson you can learn about entrepreneurship from Bruce Lee

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Jason Hartman went from poor to multi-millionaire after watching a TV infomercial. He shares his secret to success to becoming #59 top producing agent in the World for Re/Max at 24 years old. How he bought, built and sold a real estate company, grew an real estate investment portfolio and has attracted 5 million listeners with podcasting to his investor network, education and seminars. and and for more

You'll also learn:

- Why he was so successful in real-estate sales in his early 20's.

- What he did differently than broke, unsuccessful real estate agents.

- His first "I"ve made it moment" earning $43k in one month after only ever having made minimum wage.

- OPPORTUNITY: Find out who Hartman is looking to add to his team to grow his business (even though he "doesn't need the money").




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Tim Bourquin, went from being a LAPD police officer of 20 years to building and selling 3 businesses (including a podcast for $600,000) to co-founding an lead generation advertising platform that has grown to $4 Million in 3 years.

Want the full 1.5 hour interview, request it here (include "AfterOffers" in subject)

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Jon Loomer shares how being a "horrible employee" lead to the best job in sports running the NBA's fantasy league and how he started and grew a multi 6-figure Facebook training lifestyle business from his home.

In this episode you'll learn:

:: Why the $1 trial offer marketers use to get new customers sucks, why he changed his prices and what happened to his business and lifestyle

:: The (surprising) reason why he pays for facebook ads without driving visitors to a product or service

:: How saying NO to clients makes him more money

:: Why Loomer moved away from selling training courses and what he sells now. HINT: It's not consulting

PLUS (Available for a limited time. Part 2 will be moving to a private members area. )

Jon Loomer shares his 3 advanced Facebook traffic strategies. These are totally unique strategies that I haven't heard anywhere.


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Brian Kelly, went from just below broke as a Wall Street recruiter to stumbling into a "blogging goldmine," growing his blog about travel points into 2-million visitors a month, a virtual team of 20 and millions in online sales, with zero online marketing experience.


- How he "stumbled into a blogging goldmine" and turned a blog into a 7-figure, multi-million dollar media businesses. 

- How a former Wall Street recruiter finds top talent and what he looks for in a new hire (Is it skill or attitude?)

- The first product he sold online (to validate the idea) and how his business has evolved. 

- How a cash poor guy living in New York can travel like a millionaire (even sitting behind Madonna in first class)


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Rory Vaden, went from door-to-door salesman to starting a successful seminar sales training company, but he shut it down...Why? It was good but would never be great. So he pivoted and started another company with a different business model selling a new system of time management and self-disciple. Using a unique marketing strategy Vaden grew it into multi-million dollar global consulting practice and founded The Center for the Study of Self-Discipline. He's also the author of the New York Times bestseller books Take the Stairs and Procrastinate on Purpose. = free 1 hour video 

In this episode you'll learn:

- Why the the key to success is to procrastinate on purpose

- How the World's ultra performers think differently about their time

- How to get more margin in your life without working more hours

- A system to multiply your time

- The myth about balance

- What he does that does NOT scale

- The truth about manufacturing motivation

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