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What can you learn from 14-year e-commerce expert, John Lawson, who's sold "a whole lot of stuff online;" from concert tickets to cotton products to used books?

How the hip-hop business inspired his most recent idea.

Finding profitable product ideas to sell. 

How being AGILE is the key to success in e-commerce and how to be agile.

"I specialize in being agile and nimble. I've made a lot of Left and right turns in ecommerce career. It's all been about using the marketing channels, using my resources,  and following "trails" for success." ~ John Lawson 

==== Need Help Turning Your Ideas Into Dollars? ====


I've been a self-employed online entrepreneur for 18-years and advised dozens of startups. I don't BS people or sell them false hope. Focusing on what matters most to get results is the game I play. If you need advice turning your idea into dollars, send me an email info at with the subject "one on one help"


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How Angela Mader went from 28-year-old fit girl to $1-Million+ publishing business by answering one question, "Where can I get that?" Plus, what you have to know to break into big box retailers if you want them to sell your products. 

You can checkout Angela's Fitlosophy at


My name is Jason Bax, and I love giving you stories that inspire . I'm committed to avoiding snake-oil-salesmen polluting the internet and only interviewing people who are (probably) doing better than you about how they overcome failure to achieve success.

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How Chris Haddad went from hopelessly under-employed, barely getting by to finding his focus and crushing it writing romance - more specifically "how to be romantic" becoming the most dominant player in the online relationship niche. In this behind-the-scenes interview Chris shares his unorthodox approaches to selling online, like why writing a book is NEVER step 1.

If you're sick of the hype and noise, and just want interviews like this, visit




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Find Jeff Salzenstein went from being a touring tennis pro ranked #91 in the world to entrepreneur selling $250,000+ worth of tennis training courses online. And what you can learn about turning your talent into a product and the cold, hard, no BS truth about how to do it. 

How he gets 30% of people to open his emails.

His darkest moment and how he bounced back from rock bottom. 

The snake-oil marketing myth he bought into and how it hurt his business.


==== Sick of Hype, Noise and Snake-Oil-Salesmen ====

Learn the marketing and business skills it took leaders and achievers (who are probably doing better than you) years to learn... in less than 60 minutes >>

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How Ryan O'Hara went from hating an inside sales job to loving it, quitting to launch a startup (that failed), bouncing back by figuring out how to scale funny emails and becoming a highly sought-after outbound, lead generation "stuntman" who specializes in opening doors to big company executives and influencers by sending cold emails that make people laugh. 

In this behind-the-scenes interview you'll learn:

1. The email he sent that got an 83% response rate. 

2. The crazy follow-up email that gets 70% of busy people to reply. 

3. How his emails can work in any industry and why they work so well in B2B

Plus WAY more...


If you're tired of the hype and snake-oil salesmen polluting the internet today, check out for more interviews of founders (who are probably doing better than you). 

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How, online marketing pioneer, Ryan Deiss, bounced back from (near) bankruptcy to grow a real, predictable, multi-million-dollar digital publishing business the right way (and can honestly look in the mirror and be proud of)...after making nearly every mistake in the book. 

Deiss, is best known as a marketing expert, but in this interview you'll discover that selling marketing education is the smallest part of his multi-million-dollar digital publishing business. 

* The "Oh sh*t" moment he realized he didn't have a real business (Hint: it's the same  model most entrepreneurs are struggling to get working)

* Exactly how Deiss has successfully merged the best of traditional media and the new media model to build a rapidly growing multi-million-dollar digital publishing empire, in 10+ niche markets.

* The surprising way he grew his marketing business into near bankruptcy (and the standard operating procedures he developed to fix it so it never happens again) 

* The 3 (organic) ways he finds new winning business ideas and products.

* The (out-of-the-box) strategy he uses to acquire top level domain names and develop them into thriving businesses, in 11 niches, and growing.

* For the first time ever, Deiss, shares exactly how much money he invests to develop a new niche website, his target goals, the "green light" to keep going and "red light" to pull out. 

* Why he hates the phrase "internet marketer" and why thinking like a "marketer" stunts your growth and how is entrepreneurial mindset makes him different. 


* The 2 "must have reports" he requires from his senior staff every day. 

* The "dirty little secret" marketing gurus don't want you to know (from an industry insider).

* Why he's moved from traditional "free report" lead magnets to sweepstakes to generate leads and how it's working. 

And more....


If you want to listen to more behind-the-scenes interviews with entrepreneurs (who are probably doing better than you) visit 

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How Patrick King went from lawyer to bestselling author selling $300,000 of downloadable Kindle books in 12-months to men who want to improve their social interactions with women, like "Did She Reply Yet?"


If you want to listen to more behind-the-scenes interviews with entrepreneurs (who are probably doing better than you) visit 



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Chris Huntley went from young, starving insurance agent who couldn't close a door to generating over 2000 leads a month online and $1.5 Million in revenues for Huntley Wealth with content marketing. Now, instead of chasing his friends & family for business or hustling for leads at networking events he has a staff of 4, works part-time, spend less time on sales and more on strategy and spend more time with his young family. 

This is exactly how Huntley generates over 2000 leads a month online for his service business, how he converts them, how many become clients, his operation, etc... after 8-years of hustling and bootstrapping

PLUS, a brilliant tactic (I've never heard of) that Huntley uses to get high authority back links that help boost his search rankings.

IMPORTANT: This interview will only be available for 5-days before move it to the members area on


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When John T. Meyer started a niche infographic design agency, Lemonly, 4-year ago it was just him and his co-founder, Amy. But when started growing, clients started tumbling in and the work started to pile up needed to learn the fine art (and science)...a system, really, for hiring top talent, in a hurry.

In this interview, Meyer, shares their unique process learned through (expensive) trial-and-error for finding reliable, hard working and talented graphic designers...without tearing your hair you can apply it to your business to build your own team of top talent. 

This micro-class is brought to you by

= Success Leaves Clues =

If you're too busy or just tired of wading through the hype, garbage and "snake oil" polluting the Internet and just want to find out what PROVEN online entrepreneurs (who are probably doing better than you) know about marketing & growing a business, then go hangout with the "big boys" on

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Jason Zook built a $1.2 million business charging companies money to wear their logo t-shirt, make silly videos then share them on social media. Not only did he sell his sole to his business, he went as far as to sell his own name to the highest bidder, twice.

It was fun, lucrative, but with a fully booked client roster and all that money tumbling in, he at the end of the day, he was miserable. 

Zook shares some profound business lessons that can only be learned from the rise and fall of a proven entrepreneur, exactly how he's bouncing back by starting a new business that he validated by pre-selling his idea,

There are some incredibly business lessons in this interview for entrepreneurs at every stage, including:

-  The scalability of the business

- The problem with chasing money

- If you're looking for "multiple streams of income" you've got to hear what Zook has to say. 

- Lessons in testing and pre-selling to find out if you have a winning product or business idea. 

- Values and why they are important

- The truth about work, like balance. 


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