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 Donna is inspired to continue assisting other authors in getting published.

"Donna was at the market staring at cat food, devastated that she could not afford food for her beloved cats. In that moment she decide the meow effect would propel her to MASSIVE ACTION!"

Donna is an award-winning author who shows Entrepreneurs how to get a book done to use as, what she calls, a big business card. She does this through her virtual Write a Book in a Weekend events. Yes, Donna shows you how to get your book done in two days!

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Get a grip, hold your ipdad securely.

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Marketslide sells white label SEO services to webdesign and hosting companies.

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Heart attack survivor  Daryl Hatton's social platform has raised $58M in crowdfunding for social causes, artists and business ideas even families

He shareds:- What's important about th 1st 24hours

- Why you need to cue 20-30%

- The staggering amount of money is being raised through mobile and Stripe payments.

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James Smith found a furniture idea on social media and started building furniture to sell online without any experience in woodworking.

Learn how he went from a guy in a garage to $2.5 Million in sales with 20 employees in 3-years.

Get 10% when you enter coupon "bax"

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