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Business ideas that make money and the entrepreneurs who turned their ideas into dollars.

Lost keys led to a business idea for a tracking device, a failed crowdfunding campaign, then flirting with bankruptcy after a painful financial loss . This is how, Chris Herbert, raised $1.2 Million on crowdfunding site, IndieGoGo, (after his 1st failed attempt) for his business idea of a small tracking device you attach to your valuables (keys, pets, etc.) that syncs to a mobile app on your smart phone so you can track lost items in the cloud and never lose your valuables again.

How did you come up with this business idea?

Lost keys on the beach as tide was coming in.

What kind of numbers are you doing?

350,000 units shipped

60 new items found per minute

Crowdfunding $1.2 Million in 60-days in Indiegogo

Most Unusual Use of Trackr

People attaching to drone so don't lose it when crashes or runs out of power.

Advice for entrepreneurs?

"Your customer are telling you how to be successful. You just have to listen."

What was your most painful setback?

Being days away from bankruptcy after a marketing campaign flopped.

If you could go back in time - what would you say to yourself to make your life easier?

Collect emails and build a list sooner.

A book that changed your life?

Predictably Irrational

Software Tool?

20:05 "I think Twitter is the most powerful tools in social media for business development because you can talk to anyone." Learn the software too Chris uses to scoop up competitor's customers, get venture capital leads, investor leads, etc...

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How did a college student, Kaeya Majmundar, who was told flat out by Barbara Corcoran, "You are not an entrepreneur" raise a $50,000  investment from Lori Greiner on season 5 Shark Tank for  her business idea called BzBox (pronounced "busy box"), a one piece , origami style folding storage box that had zero revenue or sales?


Check out her latest product and crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter


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Patrick Crowley, is on a mission to save the planet by getting people to switch to a more sustainable food source, ground up crickets. Eating crickets are better for you than chicken and beef and the planet.

4:00 How we can save the planet by eating bugs.

20:00 The one radical changed they made to their sales pitch that lead to 400% annual growth.

24:20 What happened to sales after episode airing on Shark Tank

25:40 His practical financial advice for entrepreneurs starting a business. "I have a really low cost of living. That's crucial for entrepreneurs - Learn to be happy without any money. Find the activities that don't cost any money and enjoy those." 

30:45 What he learned about the type of people to hire from one of the pioneering lifestyle entrepreneurs.


Let My People Go Surfing -

Biggest takeaway "Trusting and having faith in your customers for making responsible purchases."

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Courtney Turich & Christie Barany, former medical device sales people turned their business idea for a better ground mat into dollars and raised $100,000 on Shark Tank season 5.


$100,000 for 35% with 2 sharks, Mark Cuban & Laurie Greiner

(25:00) How their mindset has shifted toward business since they've started

(27:45) Advice for entrepreneurs who want to launch a business idea : "put ego aside and get candid feed from people - get the straight up truth" , plus more...

A QUOTE that has inspires them? 31:33

"Timing, perseverance and 10 years of trying will make you look like an overnight success " - Twitter founder, Biz Stone


- Art of Innovation - Tom Kelly (value of user defined innovation - is there really a problem that's worth solving)

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Charlotte Clary & Bevery Vienes-Haines are the founders of Ice Chips Candy started as a sugarlaess, non-gmo healthy candy, Who accepted a deal for $250,000 for 40% of their company on ABC's Shark Tank. They're glad the deal fell through, considering they made over $400,000 in sales after the original Shark Tank airing.

Their business book "2 Grannies in a Garage"

Where did the business idea come from?

Wanted to make healthy candy treats for their grandchildren.

Where did your first customers come from?

Friends and family asked if they could get more after getting it as a gift.

What has turned out to be the most effective marketing tactic to attract new customers?

Being on Shark Tank. But before that calling health focused stores on the telephone and asking if they could send them samples.

Advice for Entrepreneurs?

Stop standing on the sidelines - just start something. It may not look the same at the end, but you just have to get starte.d


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Mixed martial arts fighter, Chad Hamzeh, went from broke fighter, working in a call center to earning thousands of dollars a day in online marketing promoting affiliate products by mastering the art of driving traffic with paid ads, aka media buying.


Chad Hamzeh is the founder of DSV2 Media, an online direct response agency.

He’s also the founder of Traffic BlackBook, which teaches media buying start to finish.


How did you come up with this business idea?

Traffic agency - clients who sell health products - way to leverage wa

What kind of numbers are you doing?

1mill to 1.5 per month ad spend.

$1.3 Mill revenue.

$500K previous
What marketing tactic is working for you right now ?

Talk about a tactic you were convinced would work but flopped?

Best business advice?

What was your most painful setback? (And how did you get through it?)

If you could go back in time - what would you say to yourself to make your life easier?

What's the most common mistake you see entrepreneurs making?

A book that changed your life?

A quote that has inspired you?

Software or website you couldn't live without and why?




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Mark Sisson, quit his job as an executive at 47 to start a health and nutrition supplement company, becoming the niche market leader and champion of the paleo diet and lifestyle movement.

- How he supported himself and his family while starting his business

- How he attracts 1.5 milllion readers a month to his blog, Mark's Daily Apple.

- His $1 Million dollar failure and what he learned that helped his company

- Why he wrote the bestselling Primal Blueprint and how it helps market his supplements

- How he reinvented his marketing after the fall of direct response TV

- How he his mindset and approach to business is different today

- The hard truth about the state of online marketing today

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These self made entrepreneurs descrbie themselves as 2 moms/pals who adore reality TV and abhor exercise. Creators of HYH miracle pants; designed with your behind in mind. As Seen on Shark Tank 4-10-14

The Big Idea

Shapewear for women you don't have to hide under your clothes. "No compression legging or bootcut pant can do for your booty what these body shapers do."

How are they doing?

Started 2010 doing trunk shows. Have sold over $2 Million to date through retail and their website. Sold $400,000 worth of Hold Your Haunches with 48hours of being on Shark Tank


Asked $75k for 20% . Accepted a joint deal between Sharks Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran. Post Tank the deal changed, they got more money and gave away less equity in their company but still get promotion and guidance from both Lori and Barbara.

Advice For Entrepreneurs

"Don't take yourself too serious."

"Just start. It's better to get it going than get it right."

Marketing That's Working?

100% social media. Keep in front of audience by posting humor, fashion and girl power for women. Oh...and not taking themselves too seriously. 

Watch the video below to see what happened in the tank!


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From NASA engineer to self made entrepreneur revolutionizing bike safety, a $215,000 crowdfunding campaign and a $300,000 deal on Shark Tank

The future of bicycle safety

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How Rocco Loosbrock (Boss Hog), went from bank executive (who started a wine tasting business because he needed a tax deduction) to selling millions of dollars in bacon with an online business using SEO and content marketing.

Tune into this episode for Rocco's confessions of an accident bacon business baron.

Listen and get a chance to win free bacon! home of the tastiest, most flavorful, premium quality gourmet bacon.


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just took a skill he already had applied to the wedding employeedment


"Just gotta wing and get going. I think too many people play business too safe."

ADVICE For Entrepreneurs

If could tattoo a saying on your body "Hold Fast"



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Ten days after high school self made millionaire entrepreneur, Shawn Nelson, thought it would be funny to make the world's biggest bean bag chair

Today, LoveSac has grown organically into over $50 Million in annual sales, 60 retails stores, double digit online business sales growth with ZERO marketing or advertising.


- How he came up with his big idea

- How bean bag chairs lead Nelson to innovate an even more successful product, Sactionals.
- His biggest failure / setback and how he overcame the obstacle

- Why LoveSac stopped all marketing to focus on one thing.

- The (surprising) lesson he learned from looking behing the curtain of Richard Branson's business empire - (that will help your business mindset)

- What Richard Branson thinks about "luck" in business

- How LoveSac is "revolutionizing" the furniture industry. the latest Episode of Self Made Entrepreneur

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Robin Ribeiro, single mom turns grandmother's home remedy into a crossfit brand that speeds up painful hand rips and tears for crossfit athletes and how she uses social media to build her online business.

- Her social media "hustle" strategy for getting wholesalers to sell RipFix

- The biggest lessons she's learned about using social media to build her brand and business.

- Why her trademark application was rejected and what she did to get the government to change their mind and approve it.



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"Because in business, whever tells the best story, wins."

Chris Westfall is the national elevator pitch champion, and the author of The NEW Elevator Pitch and BulletProof Branding.  His strategies have created multi-million dollar revenue streams across a wide array of industries around the globe. With clients on four continents, he has appeared on CNN, ABC-NEWS, NBC-TV, and in The New York Post.  Focused on helping entrepreneurs succeed, he’s coached companies on Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den. Fortune 100 Clients include Cisco, RE/MAX, Unilever, Experian, HP, and businesses of all shapes and sizes.  An award-winning MBA instructor at a top-10 business school, he is widely recognized as an expert on marketing, branding and leadership – with an international executive coaching clientele.  His keynote, Bullet Proof Branding, helps companies to create a story that’s captivating and concise – leading to new revenues, new partnerships, and new investments.


Passionate about helping tomorrow’s leaders, Chris is the publisher of The Millennial CEOby Daniel Newman.

He has spoken at the University of Chicago, Southeastern Panhellenic Association, Kansas State University, The University of Pennsylvania, OSU, Alpha Omicron Pi, Texas A&M and more.

For Press Information and Publicity, click here

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Patrick Petitti, former consultant and business school student turned his disruptive idea for a marketplace for high-end consultants into over $5M in online sales in 1-year and attracting Mark Cuban from Shark Tank as an investor.

- How he and his co-founder came up with the business idea

- How he tested the validity of the idea and got his first customers.

- Why he turned down an offer to appear on Shark Tank

- His most effective marketing tactic

- How he attracted Mark Cuban as an investor

- The first 3 questions Cuban asked before investing

- Why boutique consulting firms are

- Unique advice for consultants who want to increase their clientelle


TOOLS: - because he'd rather work on emails in confort than drive himself to work - He has a story of it saving his butt for $50

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On this week's AfterShark - How a painful business failure gave Moshe Weiss his big business idea for SoundBender, that led to 2 successful crowdfuning campaigns - raising $18,000 and got him invited to the Shark Tank where he did a $50,000 plus deal with Daymond John.

- The mistake he made on his first Kickstarter crowdfuning campaign and what he did differently on the next 2 to raise 8,000 and $10,000 in funding for his business idea.

- What's he's doing differently to get the word out - on his next crowdfunding campaign.


Practical advice for overcoming painful personal setbacks and business failures.

Recommended Books:

- Display of Power - by Daymond John

- The Brand Within - by Daymond John.

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Austen Allred, went from homeless and sleeping in the trunk of his car in Silicon and living off $100 a month to raising $700,000 for his revolutionary business idea that could change journalist and how news is reported.

Books He Recommends

Founders at Work

Hard Things About Hard Times -


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