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How fiction writer, Adam Croft, rose from just-paying-the-bills with his Kindle books to earning over $1-million a year by breaking (some of) the rules of conventional wisdom, and becoming one of the Uk's best-selling independent, self-published on Amazon, selling over 500,000 kindle books. 

You can learn more Croft'sc rime and mystery fiction books, visit  Adam Croft  


Pay-What-You-Want For 1-on-1 Advice With Jason Bax 

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Been an online entrepreneur for 15+ years, increased online sale 36% in 11-months as marketing director for a natural supplement company, increasesed paid subscribers 300% in 3-months to popular financial website, advisor boutique investment banking firm, Publisher

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How Brady Brumpelt turned a (crazy) idea to anonymously send phallic shaped candy to friends and enemies into $100,000 in 3-months before he sold his online business, DicksByMail.

Most recently, Brady and his friends have turned 2 more ideas into reality with back to back crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter. 

The Blotendo Harmonicartridge 

Alcade: Game Console in Your Favorite Retro Cartridge


(January Only) Pay-what-you-want for 1-hour 1-on-1 with me, Jason Bax by sending me an email to with your challenge and what you want to pay. 

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Learn how a London lawyer, Mark Dawson, went from a 3-hour daily commute to earning a high 6-figure income by self-publishing fiction books. 

You'll also learn:

How he "exploit" his book to wring more money out of each one. 

Online advertising to increase sales of your book - does it work? Get the truth. 

The daily routine that's the key to his success but ridiculed by other writers. +



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How Patrick King went from lawyer to bestselling author selling $300,000 of downloadable Kindle books in 12-months to men who want to improve their social interactions with women, like "Did She Reply Yet?"


If you want to listen to more behind-the-scenes interviews with entrepreneurs (who are probably doing better than you) visit 



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These self made entrepreneurs descrbie themselves as 2 moms/pals who adore reality TV and abhor exercise. Creators of HYH miracle pants; designed with your behind in mind. As Seen on Shark Tank 4-10-14

The Big Idea

Shapewear for women you don't have to hide under your clothes. "No compression legging or bootcut pant can do for your booty what these body shapers do."

How are they doing?

Started 2010 doing trunk shows. Have sold over $2 Million to date through retail and their website. Sold $400,000 worth of Hold Your Haunches with 48hours of being on Shark Tank


Asked $75k for 20% . Accepted a joint deal between Sharks Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran. Post Tank the deal changed, they got more money and gave away less equity in their company but still get promotion and guidance from both Lori and Barbara.

Advice For Entrepreneurs

"Don't take yourself too serious."

"Just start. It's better to get it going than get it right."

Marketing That's Working?

100% social media. Keep in front of audience by posting humor, fashion and girl power for women. Oh...and not taking themselves too seriously. 

Watch the video below to see what happened in the tank!


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From NASA engineer to self made entrepreneur revolutionizing bike safety, a $215,000 crowdfunding campaign and a $300,000 deal on Shark Tank

The future of bicycle safety

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