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Lost keys led to a business idea for a tracking device, a failed crowdfunding campaign, then flirting with bankruptcy after a painful financial loss . This is how, Chris Herbert, raised $1.2 Million on crowdfunding site, IndieGoGo, (after his 1st failed attempt) for his business idea of a small tracking device you attach to your valuables (keys, pets, etc.) that syncs to a mobile app on your smart phone so you can track lost items in the cloud and never lose your valuables again.

How did you come up with this business idea?

Lost keys on the beach as tide was coming in.

What kind of numbers are you doing?

350,000 units shipped

60 new items found per minute

Crowdfunding $1.2 Million in 60-days in Indiegogo

Most Unusual Use of Trackr

People attaching to drone so don't lose it when crashes or runs out of power.

Advice for entrepreneurs?

"Your customer are telling you how to be successful. You just have to listen."

What was your most painful setback?

Being days away from bankruptcy after a marketing campaign flopped.

If you could go back in time - what would you say to yourself to make your life easier?

Collect emails and build a list sooner.

A book that changed your life?

Predictably Irrational

Software Tool?

20:05 "I think Twitter is the most powerful tools in social media for business development because you can talk to anyone." Learn the software too Chris uses to scoop up competitor's customers, get venture capital leads, investor leads, etc...

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