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Dan Granger, started moonlighting in his own business, a direct marketing ad agency that specializes in audio, when he was an advertising salesman at a radio station. He landed comedian and popular podcaster Adam Corolla as a client and has doubled his agencies sales every 6-months, billing out $4Million in December 2014.

"The secret to career happiness is to get paid to do that thing that made you weird as a kid.” - Dan Granger, Founder OxfordRoad

How he found 1st big client, comedian Adam Carolla?

22:00 The key to their client, Zip Recruiter, success with radio ads.

Most painful setback?

27:00 What's the most common mistake you see entrepreneurs making?
"act when don't need to act"

38:19 - A "brilliant" idea that totally failed. 

Are there any business BOOKS that ?
44:00 Necessary Endings - Henry Cloud

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