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Andrea Waltz, and her husband quit their jobs to turn their idea that  "going for no" will make you more money (not to mention a wealthier entrepreneur) into a bestselling book on Amazon, a successful sales training business and thriving online community.


11:15 How they got their 1st (big) customer after 6-months of struggling in business

23:00 Most people think being a successful entrepreneur is about _____, but the truth is it's about, what?

24:00 Go For No Sales Tips to live by

33:00 If you had to start again tomorrow from scratch, what would you do to find a profitable business idea and start earning money?


"The worst presentation is better than a perfect presentation that's never given" - Andrea Waltz

"It is our belief that courage is the single most important virtue on which everything else in life, all your results, are built."

"People aren't think about you they're think of themselves, just like everyone else is." - Helen Fielding

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