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Daniel Newman, went from a highly paid technology CEO at 28 to unemployed in 2008. Instead of look for another job, he hustled his own deals, wrote books, started his own companies and become a highly paid technology writer and pundit to companies like HP, Dell, Cisco, etc..


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Roy Osing, helped build a Billion dollar internet business before writing his book, Be Different or Be Dead, that explains the strategy that entrepreneurs and leaders need to live by if they want to, not only survive the first 24-months that kill most business start-ups, but thrive.

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Talia Goldfarb turned her idea for a belt that kids and physically disabled people could do up themselves, but sales were stalled after 10 years in business sales were stcu but her business. So she applied to the Shark Tank to see if she could land a strategic partner not to get millions of dollars worth of free advertising for her business.

This is the story of how she found here business idea and what happened after Shark Tank...

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Brett Thoreson tells you the biggest reason why people don't buy once they are in your online shopping cart and how he came up with an software as a service (saas) business idea to bring them back to buy, with CartStack, turning lost money into found money for online entrepreneurs.

You may have heard that the average e-commerce website has a 75% shopping cart abandonment rate. That means that 3 out of 4 visitors that were about to give you money, don't. This is a huge loss in revenue, but it doesn't have to be.... CartStack allows you to super-power your website by monitoring when users abandon their shopping cart and sending them real-time, conversion focused emails to persuade them to finalize their purchase. Our average customer recovers about 15% of their abandoned customers .

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Justin Fenchel, quit his job as a stock market analyst to bootstrap his idea for a completely new kind of boxed "wine" for millenials (making boxed wine fun) - using a the lean startup methodology that lead to one of the biggest investment deals with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

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Eric Corti sparked a feeding frenzy bidding war on the Shark Tank for his Air Cork (formerly Wine Balloon) and why he said NO to a $600,000 deal to sell his idea even though he had zero sales.

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Andrea Waltz, and her husband quit their jobs to turn their idea that  "going for no" will make you more money (not to mention a wealthier entrepreneur) into a bestselling book on Amazon, a successful sales training business and thriving online community.


11:15 How they got their 1st (big) customer after 6-months of struggling in business

23:00 Most people think being a successful entrepreneur is about _____, but the truth is it's about, what?

24:00 Go For No Sales Tips to live by

33:00 If you had to start again tomorrow from scratch, what would you do to find a profitable business idea and start earning money?


"The worst presentation is better than a perfect presentation that's never given" - Andrea Waltz

"It is our belief that courage is the single most important virtue on which everything else in life, all your results, are built."

"People aren't think about you they're think of themselves, just like everyone else is." - Helen Fielding

FAV SOFTWARE - for creating image and graphics memes to share on Facebook.

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Ryan and Stephanie Langford, went from zero to $2 Million annually in 2 years with Ultimate Bundles selling bundles of eBooks in niche markets, while homeschooling 4 kids and even managed to slip a world tour, travelling to 32 countries (with their 4 kids). Ultimate Bundles isn't their 1st online business, they have 2 more and are starting an online community.

If there was an interview that ever sceamed... you have no excuses to start turning your idea into dollars, this one is it. 

Stephanie's blog,
Their new community,
Recommended Book
4 Hour Work Week - Tim Ferriss


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Ray Higdon, quit his corporate job to go into real estate but went broke during the crash. He bounced back and made a pivot into training, information products and mastermind groups for entrepreneurs in the home based business niche. His training company now makes $2 500 000 per year.

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Chad Boyd, saw an opportunity to turn his business idea for churches and non-profits into dollars when he saw the "old school" way they were collecting money for donations. He started his Saas startup, Txt2give, as a side business, but when it started take-off he dove in full-time to focus on learning the art of software marketing and has grown it to $2.6 Million donations transacted for 200 organizations.

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