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Business ideas that make money and the entrepreneurs who turned their ideas into dollars.

When navigating a start up business, or boosting an existing one, having someone at your side who’s been there and done it is imperative.  The speaking business can be unnerving at times – so many things you “should” be doing.  So many options, which way should you turn?  Jane Atkinson cuts through the B.S. and helps you bee-line straight for success.



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 $0 to 150 Orders in her 1st hour of business. The Natural Grip is on track to earn $400k/Year.

Also, find out the (shocking) reason why Ashley turned down Shark Daymond John's 6-figure offer?


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Ross Gordon went from being a real-life Mad Men character, working at advertising agency Leo Burnett, to quitting his job to promote products online. Nearly going broke with a new bride to support he found a niche in an "under the radar" 45-billion-dollar market and grew this (crazy) online business to over $300,000 a month in 3-years. 

Also, find out the leadgen software business he sold for over $1-million dollars.

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Selling Giant Gummy Bears & Worms on Youtube - Online With Youtube Marketing

I interview Jamie Salvatori, founder of, on his Youtube video marketing strategy to get his secrets to making a video so entertaining that it attracts over 100,000,000 viewers,  builds a loyal subscriber list AND sells hundreds of thousands of the most needless, yet strangely compelling products on the face of the Internet, like the World's largest gummy bear.

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How Kornel Szrejber turned his hobby into an online business that earns passive income that helped him pay-off his mortgage by 29. His story has been featured in Canadian magazines Money Sense and Money Saver.

Fav Resource < easier than making and sticking to a boring budget.

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Preserving the seahorse for mankind to enjoy forever.

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 Donna is inspired to continue assisting other authors in getting published.

"Donna was at the market staring at cat food, devastated that she could not afford food for her beloved cats. In that moment she decide the meow effect would propel her to MASSIVE ACTION!"

Donna is an award-winning author who shows Entrepreneurs how to get a book done to use as, what she calls, a big business card. She does this through her virtual Write a Book in a Weekend events. Yes, Donna shows you how to get your book done in two days!

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